15 Up-and-Coming Trends About Vape Juice

15 Up-and-Coming Trends About Vape Juice

The coronavirus is a terrible thing, and it has changed our lives a whole lot. The one thing that*s flourishing during these turbulent times is vaping.
With many stores offering vape juice at 60-70% off retail prices 每 vaping has yet again proven that it isn*t going anywhere. Due to this, we*ve decided to give you our top fifteen up and coming trends about vape juice!

1# Steeping
Steeping vape juice has been around for a while, but with more people being stuck home now more than ever, many people have turned to steep to refine their vape juice. Steeping is leaving your vape juice to ferment and enjoying it*s new, augmented flavor!

2# Buttonless Vape Pens
Vape pens are a big part of vaping, and they dictate how we consume our favorite vape juice. While in the past big box mods have dominated the vaping scene 每 the vape pens of tomorrow are slick, sexy, and buttonless.

3# DIY Vape Juice
DIY Vape juice is all the rage in 2020. Many people are getting into creating their unique blend of vape juice, and a lot of stores have started selling unique ingredients. DIY vape juice is a fantastic way to make something special that fits your unique pallet perfectly.

4# More Taste Options
The flavors of vape juice are always growing in number 每 but nowhere is that as accurate as 2020. It seems that the pandemic has caused all of the popular manufacturers to experiment with new tastes 每 which caused an influx of fresh vape juices on the market!

5# Vape Pods
Vape pods are relatively new vape pens that allow you to consume vape juice differently. They*re either pre-filled or refillable 每 and are a slick, sexy, two-part system that promises to bring vaping to new people via innovation and convenience.

6# Fridge Storing
Storing your vape juice in the fridge has been the best way 每 but this method has gained quite a lot of popularity recently. Storing your vape juice in the refrigerator is a great way to prolong its best by date and keep it fresh for as long as possible.

7# CBD Vaping
Vaping might have reached new heights in 2020, but so has CBD. The merger between these two has brought CBD vaping to the vaping scene 每 as it*s a fantastic way to consume this daily supplement.

8# Stricter Regulations
A vaping related illness called EVALI has brought many new regulations on vaping as a whole put in place by the CDCP and the FDA. These new regulations promise to change vaping as a whole.

9# Small Vapes
Vape pens are getting smaller by the year, and vape juice manufacturers are looking for ways to get you the most bang for your buck. That promises to bring vape juice smaller in quantity but provides just the same amount of vapor as regular vape juice.

10# More Base Blends
With vaping as a whole rapidly undergoing changes in 2020, manufacturers are offering more variety when it comes to the base blend. More and more VG and PG ratios are coming out, changing the taste profile, nicotine delivery, and viscosity.

11# Craft Vape Juice Manufacturers
Craft beer has changed the brewing scene, and craft vape juice is changing the vaping scene. More people have gotten into DIY vape juice, and small manufacturers are popping up left and right due to the lockdown.

12# Nicotine Salts
Low wattage vape pens are perfect for nicotine salts that have been around for a while. With more people quitting smoking in favor of vaping, nicotine salts have reached new heights in popularity as a viable alternative.

13# Vape Juice Apps
Just like anything in life, vaping is going digital. The smartphone app revolution is not slowing down, and more vape juice apps are popping up across all popular platforms. These apps allow you to purchase vape juice, brew your own, join a vaping community, etc.

14# Caffeine Infused Vape Juice
Caffeine is without, a doubt, the most popular natural stimulant. Everyone is drinking a cuppa these days 每 but a combination of caffeine and vape juice is just around the corner. 2020 has seen the rise of caffeine-infused vape juice that kills two birds with one stone 每 all the sensation of vaping with caffeine*s familiar hit.

15# Vape Dripping
Dripping is a popular way to consume vape juice. To drip, you directly add small amounts of vape juice on the hot coil with a drip tip and then inhale the vapor. While this method is a bit intricate, it seems to be all the rage these days!

Final Thoughts
Vaping is a fun way to pass the time, especially in these turbulent times. While the COVID-19 pandemic might have all of us worried about the future 每 we can rest accrued knowing that the future seems bright for vaping. Remember, no pandemic lasts forever. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and be patient 每 you*ll be back to your favorite vape gatherings in no time.


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