Streets covered in a white robe of snow, silent night playing at every household, and Michael buble songs making its way back to the search engine again. It’s Christmas time once again, and like every year the excitement of every adult and kid is sky high during this time of the year. Christmas is a time where all loved ones get together under a single roof, celebrate the good things in their life, and also a time where exchanging gifts under the guise of Santa Claus is thought of a tradition.

Most families have their own traditions when it comes to Christmas, some may like to head out for a feast, some may like to search for Christmas Sales Near Me, and shop to their hearts content. While some only want to lay back in their warm comfy beds with a significant other and binge-watch their favorite shows. Since Netflix, has become widely popular as a streaming service all around the globe, and most people using it as their first choice when it comes to streaming, we thought to spread the joy by listing out some of our favorite Christmas specials to enjoy as you cozy up.

Though these specials aren’t as thrilling, and aren’t as new, they still pack quite a kick of cheerfulness, and will definitely get you excited for the holiday season. So, without further ado if you’ve come this far reading the intro kick-back relax and go through our list of 5 Binge-worthy Christmas specials on Netflix.


Well, to kick start our list of binge worthy Christmas specials on Netflix we thought to turn back the clock, and introduce you to a movie loved, and cherished by all. A White Christmas is truly an American classic, and might we add the perfect Christmas movie that spreads joy to all. The story is about a group of musicians that plan to perform a show in rural Vermont, but! As they reach at the location certain financial troubles awaits them, without spoiling the movie anymore this masterpiece is packed full with comedic humor, drama, kindness, and compassion. So, if you’re looking for a piece to reminisce about Christmas like the good ol’ days than this one will do the job for you.

The second binge-worthy movie on our list is for those that have an absolute love for musicals. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is one of the top viewed Christmas movie on Netflix. The story revolves around a girl who tries to rekindle her toy-making grandfather’s spirit by searching out for his greatest creation. Kids will absolutely adore the theatrics, and silliness of this awespiring piece, and adults will fell head over heels to the voice of john legend as he performs musical numbers in the movie. Plus, if you’re kids love the movie too much you might even use some Christmas Voucher Codes to get hands on the films merchandise at incredibly low prices as a gift for them.

Klaus was nominated for an academy award last year, and this year it’s sure to become an annual classic. The animated movie has it all comedy, drama, some tear-jerking moments, and most importantly a lesson to be helpful. A spoiled post master is shipped to a desolated island where a war between two entities is ongoing. Everyone is always angry, and the kids are always in despair, but! All that changes when the spoiled post master one day meets a toy-maker by the name of Klaus on the outskirts of town. They come up with a plan to distribute toys among the kids, creating a domino effect that brings joy to all. It’s a movie loved by most kids like frozen so, if you got some little ones at your home then heat up the cocoa drinks and get in bed with them to see this master-piece.


The Knight Before Christmas, a splendid film that will not only rekindle your Christmas spirit but also rekindle a fever of romance for your loved one during this joyous time of the year with its enticing story. A medieval knight travels into the future by mistake in search of a treasure, and ends up meeting a lonely teacher whose plan was to spend Christmas Eve alone. Both of them get into some wacky troubles and along the way find out about their feelings for one another. This cheesy chick flick might not seem like the best at first but after a few minutes of watching you’d fall in love with this instantly. The movie also has some pretty great ideas for things to do with your loved one on Christmas Eve so if you’re looking for some romantic advice using the ideas from this, and some Christmas Eve Deals online a perfect romantic getaway can be planned.


Starring Jim Carrey the classic live adaption of Dr.Suess the Grinch is back once again, and rumor has it the sequel might be around the corner as well releasing in time for Christmas this year, the movie as we all know is a timeless classic. Loved by kids and adults alike, it has some weirdly amazing goofy characters, some mischievously sly comments, and a relatively important lesson on how those that perform unimaginable things always have a saddening reason behind. The Grinch has always been popular among all, and for the time being it was also considered as anti-Santa. If you’re looking forward to a walk down memory lane this Christmas Season then buckle up and start your routers to watch The Grinch in all its glory.

These were only a few selected movies we thought to share with you for a more cheerful Christmas, Netflix also has a ton of amazing movies to boot, and since it’s Christmas season those that might not have the streaming service. Can dabble in their packages, and get them for incredibly low prices by simply cashing in on some Post Christmas Sales, aside from this thing if cheerful movies aren’t your style then, make sure to check our list on some Netflix horror movies as well, and get your eerie feeling satisfied.

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