5 Reasons Mushrooms Are Trending in 2022

5 Reasons Mushrooms Are Trending in 2022

Mushroom is a family of the fungi coming from the Agaricus family. Based on estimation, there are 14,000 species of mushrooms available. However, scientists have only been able to identify the health benefits of just a few of them.
From boosting the immune system to bringing down cholesterols, preventing cancers, and fostering weight loss in people, mushroom benefits are terrific.

As the year goes by, we have seen a lot of people adopt mushrooms in their diet. It is a significant part of many recipes. It, however, begs the question: what made mushrooms popular in 2020? What is the implication for users?
This article sheds light on the reason why mushrooms are one of the trending foods in 2020.

Growing Popularity in Plant-Based Diet
Without a doubt, the health benefits of plant-based food are numerous. One can still eat mushroom and enjoy the meaty flavor. With this, people on a restrictive diet will not have to give up meat entirely. With many people enjoying a more plant-based diet, mushrooms are taking a central position in the meals of many. Many restaurants use a blend of mushroom and meat in burgers and various other delicacies.

Increase in Mushroom Sales
Many people have realized the tremendous health benefits of mushrooms. As the world gravitates toward healthy and more sustainable food, the demand has increased. It is no surprise that everyone wants a taste of this delicacy, vegans inclusive. Almost everyone loves mushrooms thanks to the full, rich, and satisfying flavor. Over the past five years, the sales of mushrooms have increased. This is not surprising as the mushroom is a fantastic delicacy that can spice up almost every meal.

Magic Mushroom benefits Mental Health
Another reason for the wide acceptance of mushrooms can be traced to its terrific impact on mental health. Psilocybin, a compound in magic mushroom, has been shown to have a good effect on obsessive-compulsive disorder, treatment-resistant depression, addiction, anxiety, and depression.

Interestingly, using mushrooms for the various mental issues came with little or no side effects than other treatment options. According to research, people living with cancer can experience a meaningful benefit to their wellbeing using psilocybin. According to studies, a single dose of psilocybin found in Magic Mushroom Canada can reward users with long-term relief from anxiety and depression. What many might not know is that humans used magic mushrooms even in ancient times. We have records of Aztecs and other ancient cultures of Mesoamerica using magic mushrooms and other psychoactive plants in their rituals. If you want to know more about the history of magic mushrooms, Zamnesia explains it in detail in their article.

A Worthy Meat Alternative
Many Americans are reducing their dependency on meat. There have been several reports on the health and environmental impact of meat-centric diets. Instead, people are now concentrating more on plant-based alternatives or other innovative substitutes. Over the years, the sales of plant-based foods have increased steadily.

While there are many replacements for meats that are transitional and useful, none can be considered a healthy choice. This is where mushrooms come in. Mushroom is a high protein alternative to meat. Foods like tacos, portabella, steaks, mushroom-based curries, etc., are the right choice. With food tribes and fad diets being the order of the day, mushrooms have something for everyone. Paleo, vegetarians, kosher, low-carb, vegans, etc., all have mushrooms in the diet.

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels
Fungi have tremendous health benefits.
Another reason for the wide acceptance of mushrooms is its fantastic health benefits that are more than essential walnuts nutrition facts. For donkey years, humans have used mushrooms in traditional medicinal practice. This can be traced to the dozens of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc., present in magic mushrooms.

A few of the ways the body benefits from mushroom are:

Nutrient Absorption
Vitamin D is vital for humans. You need a good source of vitamin D, not the type that comes from supplements. One of the few vegetables with a good source of vitamin D is UV light treated mushrooms. It increases the rate of absorption and metabolism of essential nutrients like phosphorus and calcium.

Healthy Bones
UV treated mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which is healthy for bones. Mushrooms also contain calcium that helps the body absorb Vitamin D. This is helpful for bones as it reduces joint pain, mobility issues, and significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Mushroom is an Adaptogen
One of the reasons mushroom stands out is its ability to make the body resistant to various forms of stressors – physical, biological, and chemical stressors. Researchers believe adaptogens affect hormones’ production and alter the body’s response to stress by making it helpful.

Diabetes Management
The rate of diabetes has significantly increased without any concrete cure. Although, by altering the diet, diabetes can be managed considerably. Mushroom comes in as an incredible tool that makes it easy to manage diabetes as it features natural insulin and enzymes that help the body break down starch and sugar.

They are Rich in anti-inflammatory Properties
Mushroom is a natural source of ergothioneine, a powerful oxidant that helps bring down oxidation in the body. Reishi mushroom, a type of mushroom, is well known for its anti-inflammatory effect alongside other health benefits like reducing inflammation, low rate of growth of tumors, and many more.

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