An At-Home Valentine’s Day to Spice Up Your Love Life

An At-Home Valentine’s Day to Spice Up Your Love Life

A reminder to everyone in a relationship and to those who want to celebrate themselves, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’ve been together three months or three decades, it’s no secret that coming up with some unique Valentine’s Day ideas can be nerve-racking. It’s safe to say; it causes more anxiety than figuring out how to plan the perfect first date. That’s true in normal times, but perhaps even more stressful amid the coronavirus pandemic. But hey! It’s not all bad news! While things may seem different this year, there are plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day Special for your significant other. We have meticulously articulated the list that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home; given the fact that public events have safety protocols in place, you must check the safety guidelines before booking.

Down below we have compiled a list of some unique Valentine’s Day date ideas, from a weekend getaway to a couple’s spa day to indulge in your favourite activity. Now, all you have to do is pick out a dress, queue up a playlist of mood setting-tunes and buy the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, don’t forget to add a heartfelt love note!

Whip Up Breakfast In Bed
Breakfast In Bed
Plan an ultimate sweet something for your precious someone, A breakfast bedspread that includes cute little hearts made out of pancake batter. Make your morning as romantic as possible, from sophisticated egg toasts to heart-shaped waffles; there’s bound to be something you and your special someone will adore. Nothing will scream “You mean the world to me” other than serving your partner’s all-time favourite breakfast in bed. Bonus: you can get hold of Valentine’s Day voucher codes, to get all the utensils and ingredients you need to make this magical brekky!

Confiscate the Art of Cooking

If food is the way to your partner’s heart, then ditch the fancy-schmancy dinner and take a virtual cooking class together! Most major cities and even some local restaurants offer cooking classes to learn to make anything from scratch! Be it pizza or sushi, or any other endeavouring entrée. But since its Valentine’s Day, we suggest indulging your sweet tooth with a dessert-making class. You’ll witness many such Valentine’s Day special offers online, learn new ways to treat your partner’s taste buds on this beautiful day.

Venture on a Hike

If you want to take your Valentine’s day date on a new level then without a doubt, we’d recommend you to put on your warmest winter apparel, tie up your hiking boots and hit your favourite local trail or venture onto a new one. One or the other way, you’re guaranteed to see some breath-taking scenery! Plus, you’ll have a chance to coddle into a deep, meaningful conversation, you may discover a side of them that is unknown to you, it is a possibility that you may fall in love with them too deep all over again. Just imagine, a place where there are no distractions, just you and the person you love the most, wouldn’t it be dreamy? Damn, right it’d be! Before you pack your bags don’t forget to fetch Valentine’s day takeaway offers to order your favourite food, so you can stop at an incredibly picturesque overlook and set up a picnic lunch.

Get a Couple’s Massage
Couple’s Massage
If you and your partner can’t get enough time off to spend a few days in relaxation mode, contact a local day spa and book a day-long couple’s retreat. If you have the time, plan a romantic day to relax and focus on each other, say relationship experts and psychologists. Some spas offer a full day fee that includes a massage and access to hot tubs and indoor pools. If that’s not in your budget, opt for our Valentine’s Day discount codes for low prices. You can also buy all the essentials like oils, bath salts and scented candles for an at-home spa treatment.

Recreate Your First Date

Now that the nerves have left the building, to vivify your first date is a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate your love. Take a trip down the lane of memories that you guys have created with love and compassion; it’s a great way to know how long you’ve come. Start at the restaurant you first ate in however many years ago, the night where you realized you were in love. Put some meaning behind the night and enhance the night with little efforts that count, you can also fetch Valentine’s Day offers restaurants, to make date easier on your pocket.

Watch a Valentine’s Day Movie
Valentine’s Day Movie
There are a few better ways to spend Cupid’s holiday than with a romantic movie in our humble opinions. No matter which type of valentine’s movie night you’re looking for, the possibilities are endless. Pop in a classic rom-com like Love Jones or Sleepless in Seattle or check out the genre’s newest additions. Grab your remote and start scrolling for ideal movie options, fire up your favourite one and get ready to enjoy every bit of this cozy night with your lover.

At Home Game-Day

You may not be able to root for your favourite sports teams in person; however, fortunately, you can have just as much fun watching “the big game” from the comfort of your home. Just make sure to serve various game-day staples, it can be your favourite loaded nachos, ultra-cheesy fries, and crispy chicken tenders. Cheer as loudly as you can, as if you would in-person to live the stadium experience. If you want to hype it up a little, compete against your partner during a round of foosball, carom, tabletop pool or air hockey. Get that adrenaline rush to bring out the competitive side of yours; it shows the passion you have in yourself. They’re a bunch of offers for Valentine’s Day online, where you can buy indoor games at knock-off prices.

Make Believe Trip To France
Trip To France
You may not be able to take your partner on a dreamy French holiday, but you can pretend you are visiting the City of Love with a French-themed date night. Perk up the evening with a glass of wine (something like a Pinot Noir or a Sauvignon Blanc) and a couple of hors d’oeuvres. You can also make French onion soup or a charcuterie board highlighting some of the country’s finest cheeses, Camembert, Comte or Roquefort, and, a freshly baked baguette. Before setting up a tasty entrée, get in the spirit and think of ratatouille or coq au vin.

Then turn on a film based on France and enjoy crème br?lée, chocolate mousse, crepes and order Valentine’s Day chocolate. Bon Appetit!

Go Camping in Your Backyard

If you have an outdoor space that’s bigger than a barely-there patio, you must count yourself as a blessed one. Consider transforming your backyard into your own personal campsite. Just put up some string lights, grab a couple of cozy blankets, fill these triple-insulated mugs with a delish hot chocolate, a mulled wine or Irish coffee. Build a roaring fire pit, and you will have everything you need for an at-home escapade, complete the night with stargazing, most importantly, s’mores! Order your favourite brand of marshmallows and ingredients to make hot chocolate by availing Valentine’s Day codes.

Plan A Karaoke Night
Karaoke Night
Albeit an activity like karaoke night make you feel a little self-conscious, it’s an ideal way to bond with your partner. If one of you is extremely shy and makes an extra effort to open up to feel adventurous, it indeed takes a lot of courage. And this is the time when the other partner gets an opportunity to show their comforting or protective side. Having a karaoke night might help you to discover a side of your partner that is unknown to you, the side that might become your favourite. Let all the quirkiness and goofiness flow out of your system and be as comfortable as you can with the one you love. Purchase karaoke microphone by using Valentine’s Day deals and delve into a world filled with fun and pleasure this Valentine’s Day.

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