Where to Get Composite Decking Trade Discount

Where to Get Composite Decking Trade Discount?

In terms of popularity, composites are one of the best non-wood decking alternatives. However, when it comes to the cost, it’s no secret that it’s on the more expensive side. So if you are a retailer, a home improvement contractor, a property developer, or tradesperson, finding ways to reduce the cost of the materials can help earn a little more profit. One way to do so is to look for trade discounts. What are trade discounts? And where can you find them?

What is a Trade Discount?
When buying at bulk quantities, retailers and professional tradespersons often receive better and lower prices from most suppliers than end-buyers. For this reason, looking for trade discounts is crucial to add more profit for suppliers and builders, especially if you are doing more extensive projects.

Depending on the company, it may be a flat reduction on the total purchase. But for most suppliers, it’s a percentage discount, and many retailers and tradespeople prefer it. For instance, UltraDecking UK gives a 10% trade discount. If you buy materials totalling £3000 at the retail price, you will end up paying only £2700. The more you buy, the more money you can save. But the question is, where do you find these trade discounts?

Where Can You Find Trade Discounts?
There are many ways to find discounts for composite decking materials. Aside from knowing where to look, you also have to know when. To save money on your decking materials and earn more profit in your business, here are some ways to get the best deals.

Reach Out to Suppliers
One of the best ways to look for trade deals is to look for it on the internet. Most of the time, you can find websites of many composite decking supply businesses. Most of the time, you can find on their websites about their on-going sale promotions. You can also check their social media pages such as Linkedin and Twitter. For instance, Ultradecking UK offers a 10% discount to trade clients. Sometimes, you may not see these offers on their websites. If that’s the case, there’s no harm reaching out and contacting the suppliers directly, through the contact information supplied in the webpages. You can ask them whether they have existing trade discounts or other promotional offers. Even if they don’t have any, some companies may still be willing to give you discounts. It’s also their way to establish connections and new distribution channels, and they will also benefit from giving you a better price. So if you are unsure, there’s no harm asking, and there’s nothing you can lose.

Join Communities and Groups
Another way to find trade discounts is by widening your connections. Naturally, if you are working with large-scale projects, such as being a real estate developer, you may already have networks with composite decking supply businesses. But what if you are only starting in the industry? Perhaps you’re planning to start a retail business. Or maybe you’re a tradesperson who wants to buy bulk decking boards. How can you find trade discounts? One way is to join groups and communities all over the internet. Not only can you benefit from gaining knowledge and information, but it’s also an excellent way to look for discounts. If you look hard enough, you can find good ones. Some people in those groups may already have contact with various businesses. In turn, they may be able to refer you to their suppliers. Even homeowners who want to buy only a few materials also use these groups and communities to get better pricing.

Consider Buying Off-Season
Another thing you should consider is when to buy composite decking materials. While trade discounts can be all-year-round, you may be able to find more offers at certain times of the year, especially during off-peak deck building seasons. During off-seasons, there will be less demand, which can lead to lower prices and more promotional offers.

In the UK, the off-season for deck building is during the autumn and the winter. Both builders and homeowners prefer to build decks during the summer or the spring. Not only can you enjoy more discounts, but you can also take your time constructing the deck. When hiring professional builders, you will also most likely pay less for their labour fees during off-peak seasons.

If you are looking for trade discounts, start looking for them right now. Use the different methods mentioned above to find the best deals. For the best decking boards, consider visiting Ultradecking UK to get a 10% trade discount.

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